#Evergreenship #meme collection

By | April 13, 2021

Now that the Evergreen ship is finally freed and the coffee and toilet paper crises is no longer at the horizon we can marvel at how the Internet turns every bad thing into a meme.

Here is my the best of Evergreen meme collection.

Programmers making fun of project managers
Making fun Kubernets and containers
Evergreen as a defence
Code re-factoring
Politicians saving the day: Orban Hungarian PM
Romanian far right with the priest. Yep, praying is their solution.
And of course the real live image of the ship getting rescued by Putin
Austin Powers reference
People giving advice to friends
This is a Eastern Europe thing, the guy with the BMW
Reproducing a bug from production.
Kudos to the author @mikulaja , he got this 🙂

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